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At Columbia Futures Group we have been helping traders and hedgers for 29 years. Use our experience to your advantage.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned futures trading professional, Columbia Futures Group prides itself on our collaborative approach to working with clients of all skill levels. Successful trading begins with clear objectives and a defined investment strategy. We work with clients to identify their financial objectives, and determine if and how futures might help them achieve their goals. At the client’s request, we may also develop a statement of investment guidelines which takes into account the client’s personal analysis of risk tolerance.


Self-Directed Accounts

Clients are provided transaction support, research services, quotes and news to support investors who want direct interaction with the trades in their account. Stay up to date on futures news by subscribing to our newsletter. For the beginner we recommend online education courses and books to learn more, and offer our own seminars to help investors decide if self-directed trading is right for them.


Risk Management

Management helps clients mitigate the volatility of their markets, such as:

  • “pipeline" interest rate risk in the mortgage business,

  • fluctuations in foreign exchange rates in importing/exporting,

  • energy costs in manufacturing, or

  • grain prices in farming.

We will help evaluate various outcomes using futures and options combinations, and develop a customized strategy to help clients manage their specific price risk.

Managed or System Trading

Managed or System Trading:  An investor may have interest in diversifying their investment portfolio to include commodity futures, but have no interest in daily trading. That person might look at the performance of accounts managed by a “commodity trading advisor” (CTA) to whom they provide sole trading authority over their account. Similarly, they may want to follow someone who has developed a systematic trading program for which he sells the trading signals, but does not wish to actually trade other peoples funds. 


Contact us to discuss if either of these options might be applicable to you.

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