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Interested in futures, but want a professional to do the trading for you?
Managed Futures accounts are a convenient way to diversify your portfolio, but without the day-to-day management of traditional trading accounts. Similar to mutual funds, managed accounts are funds managed by a third party Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) , and may be diversified across a variety of different commodity types, or they may concentrate on a single group of futures contracts such as the oil markets or the grain markets. Individual and institutional investors alike, including the retirement funds of large corporations and unions use managed  futures accounts to achieve their financial objectives of diversification and  to improve their returns.

For over 29 years Columbia Futures Group has been helping investors with individualized attention in futures trading. Use our experience to choose the right CTA for yourself. We not only provide you with  assistance in selecting an advisor who meets your criteria for performance and risk tolerance, but will on an ongoing basis monitor your account thus providing you peace of mind that a professional is helping you “mind the store.”
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